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Group Lunch Package

*** All Packages come with Homemade Nova Scotia Blueberry Cake and Whipped Cream, as well as your choice of Coffee, Tea, Soft Drink, and Iced Tea. All Prices include tax (15%) as well as gratuities (15%). ***

Appetizers – can be added to each package for an additional cost

Add a Mixed Green Salad for **$5.50 pp
Add a cup of Seafood Chowder for **$9.00 pp
Add a cup of Homemade soup for **$7.00 pp
Add a fresh baked roll with butter per person for **$2.00 pp

Package #1

Lemon Pepper Panko Crusted Haddock ** 29.00 per person
A tender haddock filet baked to perfection, served with roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetable.

Package #2

Atlantic Seafood Bake ** $30.50 per person
Haddock, Scallops, and Shrimp baked to perfection in a white wine & garlic cream sauce, served with roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetable.

Package #3

Maple Mustard Baked Atlantic Salmon Filet ** $30.00 per person
A tender juicy Atlantic salmon filet, topped with Nova Scotia Maple mustard sauce and served with our starch and vegetable of the day.

Package #4

Lobster Roll ** $38.00 per person
Nova Scotia Lobster in smoked tomato dill mayonnaise and greens, on a local artisan bun served with a factory house salad.

Alternatives –

Package #5

Cape LaHave Chicken ** $29.00 per person
Seared Chicken & Mushrooms, Thick Cut Bacon, Factory Honey Mustard, topped with Mozzarella cheese served in an oval baker, accompanied with roasted potatoes, and Seasonal Maritime Vegetables.

Package #6

Vegetable Noodle Bowl ** $26.00 per person
Rice Noodles and Seasonal Vegetables with a Maple Chili Ginger Sauce.

Package #7

Atlantic Lobster Lunch! ** $ Market Price
Taste of Nova Scotia lobster
Fresh from our tank, Nova Scotia steamed Lobster (1 1/4 lb.), served with warm drawn butter, and a garden fresh Salad. (Larger sizes available, for an additional fee)

*** If your group chooses the Atlantic Lobster lunch as their Seafood option you must call in this choice 48 hours in advance so we may ensure having the lobsters on hand when your group arrives. ***

Meetings, Conferences, On the Go, and School Lunches –

Lunch On The Go!

Brown Bag Lunch ** $18.00 per person
A freshly made chicken wrap served with a Nova Scotia Apple, a yogurt cup, piece of cheese, homemade Cookie and Bottled Water. This package is designed for groups on the go! We deliver directly to your bus upon arrival or departure, as this menu choice is not designed for consumption in our dining room.

For Meetings and Conferences

Lunenburg’s Best Seafood Chowder and 1/2 Wrap ** $26.00 per person
A cup of our homemade Seafood Chowder or Maple Carrot Soup accompanied with a freshly made chicken, tomato, lettuce and smoky tomato dill mayonnaise wrap (substitute our homemade soup to make this selection a non-seafood choice).

  • Tea and Coffee
  • Tray of cake or cookies

School Groups –

** $15.00 per person – These packages are 15% gratuity

  • 1 pc Fish and Chips
  • Chicken Strips
  • Garlic Fingers
  • Soft Drink (Orange Pop, Coca-Cola, Iced Tea)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream Dessert